Best Poster Presentation Awards

KJF-ICOMEP 2021 Best Poster Presentation Awards

Taro Echizen
Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
Elucidation and imitation of the structure of viscous spheres on the weft of a spider web aiming at sensor applications

Yeeun Kim
Yonsei University
Artificially Intelligent tactile learning electronic skin

Junjae Park
Hanyang University
Highly Piezosensitive and Biocompatible Mechanotransducer Based on Iono-dynamics for Implantable Biomedical Devices

Seyoung Kee
Pukyong National University
Aqueous-Processable Conducting Polymer/Ionic Liquid Composite Solutions for Highly Conductive Organic Conductors

Chang Eun Lee
Yonsei University
3D touchless structural color display for human stimuli sensing

Masahiro Ohara
Chiba University
Evaluation of Giant Surface Potential during Evaporation of Alq3 Film Studied by Rotary Kelvin Probe

Naoki Hida
Nagoya University
Induced highly ordered phases in side-chain liquid crystal polysiloxanes with binary mesogen mixtures by copolymerization and blending.

Keiki Saitoh
Iwate University
Single crystal Growth of triphenylphosphine by the Czochralski method

Yuki Ito
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Power generation with thermoelectric modules using radiative cooling

Genki Ohkatsu
Tokyo Institute of Technology
CdS Quantum Dot Single-Electron Transistor

Seung-Hwan Jin
Inha University
Conjugated polymer synthesis in a flow reactor by using heterogeneous catalyst.

Kyoko Okamoto
Kobe University
Crystal growth of urea oligomer by ionic liquid assisted vacuum vapor deposition

Youngrok Kim
Inha University
Synthesis of Various Donor-Acceptor Type Conjugated Polymers in a Continuous Flow Reactor

Junki Yokota
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Highly Sensitive Nonlinear Optical Materials based on Photophysical Molecular Reorientation of Dye-Doped Liquid Crystals